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Mission Statement
Mercer County Schools promotes excellence in a positive academic, social and extra-curricular environment, emphasizing equity, diversity, safety and respect.
Lady Titans Win District Championship Title
The Lady Titans defeated East Jessamine, 90-62, to win the 46th District championship title.  They will compete in the 12th Region Tournament at Pulaski County.  Details of first round game will be forthcoming.  The Lady Titans improved their record to 26-3. 
MCSH to Celebrate Arts Awareness Month
March has been deemed Arts Awareness Month. Mercer County Senior High School students will be celebrating Arts Awareness Month the week of March 2nd – March 6th.

During the week, there will be a box in front of high school Art teachers Mrs. Hassall and Mrs. Snellen's classrooms to place art supplies. The art department will be participating in an art drive in partnership with Kosair Children's Hospital in Louisville, KY.
Jump Rope for Heart Fundraiser at MCES
Mercer Elementary School students recently participated in school's annual Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser.

With the educational programs from the American Heart Association, our students learn how the heart works, how exercise affects their hearts and how to stay fit for life. Approximately 80 percent of the funds raised go directly to the mission, funding extensive research efforts, heart education and programs to help us all live healthier lives.
Bray and Heizer Place Top 20 in National Welding Competition
Mercer County Senior High School students Nathaniel Bray and Chrissy Heizer placed in the top 20 at the National Tulsa Welding Competition. Bray won 12th place, winning a $1,000 scholarship while Heizer placed 17th winning a $500 scholarship. Both students also won an additional $250 in a prize package. 
Harlow to Host Asthma Informational Family Night
Harlow Early Learning Center is holding an Asthma Informational Family Night on March 3rd. This event is for any parent who has a child with asthma in the Mercer
County School System.
Snow Days Report
Harlow Early Learning Center
Important Dates
KMS Girls Volleyball
Mon Mar 2 2015
MCES Book Fair
Mon Mar 2 2015
to Fri Mar 6 2015
PTO Meeting
Tue Mar 3 2015
SBDM Meeting
Wed Mar 4 2015
KMS Girls Volleyball
Thu Mar 5 2015
S.T.O.P - Safety Tipline
News, Announcements & Info
February 25th Board Meeting

February 25, 2015 Board Meeting
February 12th BOE Meeting


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February 25th BOE Meeting


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