Animal Behavior Webquest

Animal Behavior Webquest

Animal Behavior Webquest

Animal Behavior Webquest

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Answer the following questions

1. Animals behave certain ways for four reasons





2. _________________________ is the study of animal behavior in the wild.

3. Scientists define learning as

4. What is an example of observational learning?

5. What is an example of operant conditioning?

6. What is an example of shaping behavior?

7. Click on Animal Training Basics – What is negative reinforcement?

8. Click on Animal Training Philosophy – Give an example of the Three important steps - reinforcement, communication, and target recognition

9. Click on Challenges of Animal Training – List 3 challenges of animal training

10. Click on Animal Training Careers – List 3 background requirements of obtaining this job

11. Go to -

List two examples of how animals communicate with chemicals (pheromones)

12. Go to

List 5 animals that hibernate

13. Go to

. What behavior allows raccoons, skunks, and woodchucks to survive for extended periods of time without food or water?

How long can a black bear go without food or water?

Describe how the black bear prepares for its long winter hibernation?

How can hibernating black bears survive without drinking water?


1. Go to

Choose a dog breed that you feel would make a good dog in your home and list some typical behaviors of that breed of dog. Also list a couple problem behaviors that are sometimes associated with that breed of dog

2. Go to

What are 3 examples of careers in animal training?

3. Go to

List 3 examples of jobs that involve working with horses.

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