Climate Change Webquest

Climate Change Webquest

Climate Change Webquest

CLIMATE WEBQUEST – Due Wed Dec. 11 – 5pts each (100pt grade)

1. What is the main source of air pollution in the United States? List 3 examples.

2. What is the ozone layer and CFC’s?

3. What are some examples of natural air pollution?

4. What is carbon dioxide and what causes it to be released into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming?

5. Why are tropical rain forests important and why are they disappearing?

6. Describe how global warming has affected the sea levels. List 3 facts.

7 . Describe how global warming has affected the health of humans all around the world. Provide 3 examples.,9171,1177002,00.html

8 .Describe the effect that global warming has had on the animals of the world. Provide 3 examples

9. What are other, less thought about, effects of global warming? List 3 examples.

10. What are some actions that you can take to help prevent global warming? List 5.

1.) What percentage of greenhouse gases are nitrous oxides?
2.) Where do nitrous oxides come from?

*Take the global warming quiz and record your score out of 12 _______/12

13. - List 3 arguments against global warming.

14. - Is climate change hurting polar bear populations? List 2 facts to support this article’s viewpoint.

15 . - Is Sea Ice actually growing? List 2 facts from article


- List 3 advantages to global warming.

17 . - How big is Al Gore’s new mansion?

18. - What percent of carbon dioxide is emitted from human’s breathing?

19. – According to this website what percentage of global warming is being caused by human activity?

20. - Name two of the five companies that own 95 % of the media we receive…Also provide an example of how advertising has influenced a decision you have made recently
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