Interactive Skeleton Webquest

Interactive Skeleton Webquest

Skeleton Webquest


For Questions 1 – 11 Click on “The Skeletal System”

  1. What is the Skeletal System?
  1. How does the Skeletal System help us?
  1. Who has more bones a baby or an adult?
  1. Are bones alive?
  1. What is a bone made of?
  1. How do bones break and heal?
  1. What is an X-ray?
  1. What’s up with joints?
  1. Does each bone have a name?
  1. How do I keep my bones healthy?
  1. Are my teeth counted as bones?

For Questions 12 -19 Click on Kids Health Website Questions

  1. How many bones is the human body made up of? List at least 10 bones.
  1. Name 3 types of joints and give an example of each. (Where are they located?)
  1. Define BONE MARROW and what its job is.
  1. What is the job of the rib cage? How many pairs of ribs do humans have?
  1. What is the name of the smallest bone in your body and where is it located?
  1. Give the name of the body part that holds bones together at the joint.
  1. List at least 3 things you can do to protect and strengthen your bones.
  1. List the 3 major bones for the arms and the 3 major bones of the legs.
Now check out these sites below after you have answered all the questions above

ABC”ya” Skeletal System Label the Bones Game:

Virtual Hip Surgery:

Virtual Knee Surgery:

ABC”ya” Skeletal System Label the Bones Game:

Additional Interactive Games:

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