Leaf Collection Project

Leaf Collection Project

Leaf Collection Project

Leaf Collection Project – Due

Objective – Create a leaf collection that represents 10 different trees in Mercer County


Collect 10 different leaves from your home area. (*Note ask permission before taking a leaf from someone’s yard)

1. Compile those leaves together one of two ways (you decide)

1. Represent all 10 on a poster

2. Represent all 10 on pieces of construction paper in a booklet format (with a table of contents)

3. Mounting - You can choose to mount the leaf a number of different ways (contact paper, clear tape) or you can do a crayon rubbing of the leaf. Make sure you represent an entire leaf and not just a piece. Another option is to scan your leaf on a computer scanner.

4. Labeling – For each leaf you must label with its

1. Common Name

2. Scientific Name

3 . 2 bullet statement facts about the tree ….For example these facts could be about 1) how the tree lumber is used (2) how the tree fruit is used; (3) medical uses; (4) historical facts

5. Sources – There are many apps and websites that help with identification of trees. For example

1. http://www.oplin.org/tree/

2. http://www.plattscsd.org/library/library/resources/know%20your%20trees.pdf

4. http://www.discoverlife.org/


10 Leaves – 30pts / Labeling – 20pts / Facts (2 per leaf/tree) – 10pts/ Neatness – 20pts / Accuracy – 20pts

Questions – Email Mr. Teets at david.teets@mercer.kyschools.us and/or a copy of this page visit my webpage

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