Organic Food Webquest

Organic Food Webquest

Organic Food Webquest

Organic Food Webquest

1. What does “organic” mean?

2. Go to

List 5 essential elements that plants need in the soil in order to grow

3.  Go to

What are nutrients?

List 3 steps in the nutrient cycle

List 3 ways that humans impact the nutrient cycle

4. Go to

Click on “Organic Fact Sheets” – then list 4 Reasons to Go Organic

Click on “Organic Fact Sheets” – the list 3 Reasons why it Health Benefits of Organic Food

5. Go to

What is an Insecticide?

What is an example of an insecticide?

Fill in the blank – “Many insecticides are ________________ to human beings.”

6. Go to

List and describe 2 pesticides that can impact your daily health

7. Go to

List two advantages of Organic Foods

List two disadvantages of Organic Foods

8. Go to

List 3 organic products you would buy at Kroger

9.  Go to

List 3 local places you can obtain organic food

10. Go to

What is a vegan?
List 3 ways you would raise cows "organically
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