Standards Based Grading

Standards Based Grading

Standards Based Grading Overview

Traditional Grading vs Standards Based Grading

Former system (Traditional grading)

New system (Standards Based Grading)


  •   Students are given letter grades (A, B, C, D & F) on all assignments


   Students are given grades based on concepts learned (3= mastery, 2=partial mastery, 1=not mastered or not attempted)


  •    Daily assignments/homework are calculated into the final grade


  •     Daily assignments/homework are designed to increase knowledge and move toward mastery.  They do not affect final grade


  •   Tests count more than homework/classwork


  •  The only grade that is recorded is the level of mastery of a specific learning target


  •   Parents only see a number grade on assignments with little information about content learned


  • Parents will be able to communicate with teachers about specific content that is being learned


  •   Homework occurs often


  • Homework occurs rarely & only to reinforce ideas


  •   Much student “learning” takes place at home


  • Almost all learning takes place at school; reinforcement occurs at home


  •  Parents can look in IC Parent Portal each day to see assignments completed


  • Grades will only rarely be entered in Parent Portal since they will only show mastery of content and this can’t be done often


  •   100 is the highest score possible on an assignment


  •       3 (mastery) is the highest score possible


  • Midterms have letter grades and averages listed

·        This year only, midterms and report cards will still be in the traditional format.  Keep in mind, however, that no homework or class work grades will be included in averages.  For example, if a student has five possible targets in a class and receives a 3 on all but one of those targets and receives a 2 on the last one, the average on the midterm would be a 93A (3+3+3+3+2=14/15 total possible points=93%)

  •  All students receive the same assignments for each concept


·        Assignments are individualized for each child’s need

  • Report cards go home with little communication from teacher about what the grades really mean
  • All parents will be given a report card with traditional grades AND a detailed list of learning targets their child has mastered for that grading period
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