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From the Superintendent
Why an early release on Wednesday for the Girls Sweet Sixteen Basketball Tournament:
- from Superintendent Dennis Davis

Let me explain my decision to do an early release on Wednesday.  To put it as simple as I can, bus drivers.  We are blessed to have a great Transportation Department with wonderful bus drivers.  But we simply do not have enough bus drivers.  Many of you know, we have been advertising aggressively over the last three years.  We currently have 41 full time routes with 42 full time drivers and no substitute bus drivers.   Of the 42 bus drivers, two are currently out on medical leave.  Almost every day, we are having to pull at least one of our mechanics to drive a route. Personally, I would love to complete a regular day on Wednesday but here are the facts.  We need 1 bus and bus driver to drive the Girls Basketball team to Northern Kentucky on Tuesday and stay to transport the girls.  We even priced a charter bus to see if that was an option to take the Girls Basketball team.  That would cost the district over $2,000 a day and I will not approve that expense.  We will need an additional 4 or 5 buses to get the cheerleaders, band, and pep buses to Northern Kentucky on Wednesday.  If we had 5 substitute bus drivers available to use that day, we would complete a full day on Wednesday.  But we do not have any substitute bus drivers which means the drivers who are taking the students to Northern Kentucky must complete their afternoon drop off schedule and be back a school ready to leave at 3:30 pm.   We also want to give our student drivers and families time to get to the game safely especially with northern Kentucky traffic at that time of the day.  I hope this clears up some of your concerns and if any of you are interested in becoming a bus driver, please contact the Central Office at 859-733-7000.  Please help us spread the word to recruit bus drivers.