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KMS Reaps Big Rewards at KYA
Emma Kiernan, Lauren Hayslett, Addie Riley, & Maddie Angel Bill Signed

A group of KMS students participated in KYA this past week.  KYA is the Kentucky Youth Assembly and it is a 3-day experiential learning program in which students serve as part of a model state government. KYA offers students the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of issues, develop critical thinking skills, and articulate their beliefs while engaging constructively with their peers from around the Commonwealth. 1400 students were in attendance for this session.

7th grader Grayson Whitt attended his first conference and won big. He was given one of the outstanding speaker awards. On the first night Grayson was recognized by the student chairperson for his speaking. He received one of the 15 speaker awards given.

8th grader Emma Kiernan was awarded the outstanding delegate award. This was Emma’s third KYA conference and she was instrumental in organizing the bill and recruited other students.

8th grade Bill authors Emma Kiernan, Lauren Hayslett, Addie Riley and Maddie Angel had their bill passed by the student house and senate and signed by the KYA governor. The bill mandated public and private schools to have 30% of certified staff to be CPR trained.

The following 7th graders also attended and presented a bill.

Lleyton Penn, Luke Whitenack, Madelyn Goodlett, Bella Sepahban, Rylie Johnson, Grayson Whitt, Hope Lanham, Brooklyn Mullins.

The following 6th grader also attended Mason Kirkland, Liam Potts, Ashley Howard, Jake Best, Nicolas Winburn, Anna Weaber.


KYA teacher sponsor Mrs. Shelli Engler is quite proud of all of these students and the hard work and dedication they gave to this project.