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Free ACT Opportunity for MCSH Sophomores
Free ACT Opportunity for MCSH SophomoresMercer County Senior High School is excited about an opportunity for our sophomore students!  In order to help prepare our sophomores to meet the college readiness benchmarks as a senior, we are offering a free opportunity to take the ACT on Saturday, February 10th at Mercer County Senior High School.  There are only two requirements: sign the Free ACT Contract and return to your English teacher by Friday, December 1st  and provide your own transportation on that Saturday.  Students who have a signed Free ACT Contract will complete their registration at school.  If your youth has an ACT account, please share the login information with him/her.  If your youth doesn’t have an account yet, we will guide him/her through the process at school.  The student will be able to view the scores online as well as receive his/her scores in the mail.  Mercer County Schools is paying for the ACT only on this date and we want all sophomores to take advantage of this great opportunity! In exchange for taking this test on a Saturday, those students will be allowed to check out after 3rd period on February 16th .   Please contact Spencer Tatum or Lee Goss at 859-733-7160 for more information.  
Attachments Available To Download:
ACT Contract 17-18 PDF
ACT Contract 17-18 RTF