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Quarantine Options

Last Updated: 9/10/2021 11:40 PM



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If your child has been in close contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID 19 and they will need to quarantine unless they meet the exceptions listed below.  We now have three options for quarantining.  In all options, we consider the day of exposure as Day 0.  We ask that you monitor your child’s symptoms until Day 14.  Other members in your household do not need to quarantine UNLESS they have been determined to be a close contact to a person positive with COVID and/or if someone in your household becomes positive.  

Option 1:  Quarantine in your home for 10 days.  After day 10 and they continue to have NO symptoms, they can return to school.   


Option 2:  PCR Test on Day 5 and return to school on Day 8:  On or after day 5 of exposure, you can have your child tested with a PCR test (not a rapid test).  On day 8, if your child is negative on the PCR test and continues to remain symptom-free, they can return to school.  


Option 3:  Test to Stay in School.  If you would like your child to remain in school AND your child has NO symptoms, your child can participate in the ‘Test to Stay’ option.  In order to participate in this option, you must complete the consent form located on the district webpage www.mercer.kyschools.us, and students must cooperate and agree to be tested at least twice over the next ten days. This option uses the RAPID test; a swab is placed just inside the nose and this type of test is considered minimally invasive compared with a PCR test. Your child will remain at school as long as they are symptom-free and test negative. The Wild Health testing lab will test your child at school.  The specific dates are determined by the Wild Health Testing schedule.  There is no cost to families for this option.  


Exceptions to Quarantine (as long as they remain symptom-free):  

1.  Fully vaccinated persons (14 days passed final dose)

2.  Unvaccinated persons who have a documented COVID-19 illness in the last 3 months  


If you have not already done so, please let your child’s School Contact Tracer or Attendance Clerk know which option you have chosen or if your child qualifies for an exception to quarantining.  

MCSH:  Michael Floro 859-733-7160

KMS: Tiffany Ison 859-733-7060

MCIS: Kelly Odell 859-733-7080

MCES: Jennifer Meadow 859-733-7040