Discipline Plan

Discipline Plan

Discipline Plan

MCES Discipline Plan

M motivated/ ready
C caring/respectful
E engaged/responsible
S safe

School wide Discipline & Behavior Management Plan

It is the responsibility of our school to provide a safe and secure learning environment for all students. Behaviors that impede the learning process will not be tolerated. To achieve this type of environment we felt we needed to incorporate the following principles:
1. To identify a common set of rules and consequences.
2. To be firm, fair, and consistent.
3. To create a safe and positive learning environment.
There are three components of the school wide discipline plan:
1. Rules
2. Positive interventions or rewards.
3. Consequences.
The purpose in specifying these components is to:
• provide consistent management of students by the teacher
• provide specific information regarding expected behavior to the parents
• improve social skills and increase appropriate behavior of the students
The success of the system depends entirely upon consistent implementation, which includes application of rules, consequences and rewards by the teacher and parents. In order to maximize learning opportunities, create a positive school atmosphere, and teach appropriate school behaviors, all components must be implemented.
Classroom Rules
The committee found the following rules to be appropriate for the classroom. They are applicable to all school activities, levels and special classes.
1. Follow staff directions.
2. Show respect for people and property.
3. Stay on task.
4. Keep hands and feet to self.

What is school culture?
Mercer County Elementary School is part of the Kentucky Center for Instructional Discipline (KYCID) for positive behavioral interventions and support (PBIS).
KYCID Mission
“The mission of the Kentucky Center for Instructional Discipline is to train and support schools in the implementation of positive, proactive, and instructional strategies so students become self-disciplined, responsible, and productive members of the Commonwealth.”
The design of the PBIS approach is to educate all students of acceptable social behaviors and to adopt and sustain the use of effective, positive practices throughout the school and community.
“To establish a positive environment that supports the adoption, sustained use and expansion of evidence-based practices designed to improve student behavior.”
To carry out the mission of KYCID and goal of PBIS, Mercer County Elementary School has taken a team-based approach to problem solving that provides proactive instruction for our students, faculty, and staff. The 2014-2015 culture committee members include Kristen Singer, Linda Elliott, Barbie Teater, Lori Patterson, Susan Rogers, Cindy Brown, Lisa Jackson, Stacy Charles, Jennifer Meadows and LeeAnn Divine. These members are responsible for data based decisions to enhance school culture, participation in on-going professional development, and encouraging an increased staff, long-term commitment for positive behavior implementation.  

School-Wide Reward/Recognition System
At the end of each school day, if a student has not moved their clothespin or had an office referral, the student will receive a sticker. If the student receives the amount of stickers designated to earn the monthly, school-wide reward, the student will be able to participate in the reward at the end of the month.

MCES Discipline Referral Process
Majors: immediate disciplinary action by an administrator.
Abusive/Inappropriate language/Directed
Physical aggression
Use/Possession of Weapons
Property Damage
Recurring Level II
Other _______________________

Minors: communication with the student, parent, and teacher before involving administration
Inappropriate language
Physical contact/play fighting
Property Misuse
Failure to Complete Work (Recurring)
Disrespectful behavior
Recurring Level I Behavior

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